The ALTENZO SPORTS NAVIGATOR uses the latest technology to give this tyres an excellent balanced performance. The anti-bias shoulder design dramatically reduces the common problem of shoulder wear.

Designed after much research and development, this tyre is engineered to meet the challenges of all new performance SUVs.

With the low noise groove design the Sports Navigator delivers the most comfortable ride possible while delivering the highest standards in driving safety.

315/35ZR22 111XL W Y
225/60R16 98 H Y
225/65R17 102 H Y
235/65R17 108XL V Y
265/65R17 112 V Y
265/70R17 115XL V Y
285/65R17 115 V Y
235/55ZR18 104XL W Y
255/55R18 109XL V Y
265/60R18 110 V Y
285/60R18 120XL V Y
235/55ZR19 105XL W Y
255/50R19 107XL V Y
285/45ZR19 111XL Y Y
275/40ZR20 106XL Y Y
275/45R20 110XL V Y
275/55R20 117XL V Y
275/60R20 115 V Y
285/50R20 116XL V Y
315/35ZR20 106 Y Y
275/45ZR21 110XL Y Y
275/50ZR21 113XL W Y
285/35R21 105XL V Y
295/35R21 107XL V Y
325/30R21 108XL V Y
275/40R22 107XL V Y
275/50R22 111XL W Y
285/30ZR22 101XL W Y
285/35ZR22 112XL W Y
285/45R22 114XL V Y